Unique times require unique ways of fundraising

Raise debt free capital

Capitalise on your loyal customer base. Sell shares in your business to your own customers. Raise risk-free capital with equity crowdfunding.


How it works.

Raise capital with Yourshares

Why equity crowdfunding?

Raising capital in the form of equity fundrainsing brings a number of benefits:

  • No risk, no debt: You are not obliged to pay your investors dividends if there are no profits. YourShares only charges 5% commission for successful share sales.
  • Stay 100% independent: By selling minority shares, you keep your independence.
  • Secure your customer base: Bind your loyal customers even more closely to your business.
  • Set your crowdfunding goal: If you don't reach it, all investors get their investments back.
  • Due to COVID-19, people know that businesses struggle and they want to help. Equity crowdfunding allows them to support your business in a unique and effective way.
  • Flexibility. You can determine the conditions of your sale of shares in your own shareholder agreement, e.g. if you want to include a buy-back guarantee of sold shares.
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Is your business struggling financially due to COVID-19?

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