How it works.

Invest risk free into local South African businesses!

Become a shareholder and enjoy exclusive benefits. Additionally, help your favourite business flatten the economic impact of COVID-19.


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a share in your favourite local business. You get to benefit from unique discounts and specials. You show support in tough times and become part of your favourite business' journey. You get small dividends when the business is doing well.

You get to own a share in in your favourite local business, with a share certificate and a VIP shareholder card. You get discounts and specials. You get invited to special events and you're the first to hear about their new offerings. When the business does well, you earn a dividend.

This depends on the business that is selling shares. Since it is the YourShares idea to have many loyal customers buy shares, share prices will be affordable. 

You can easily buy shares by clicking any of the "BUY SHARES" buttons on this Your Shares crowdfunding platform. You will receive a confirmation email with your share certificate. 

You are buying shares in the SPV that owns shares in the business that is selling shares.

You can buy one share or as many shares as you want. The more shares you buy, the more benefits and dividends you get. A maximum amount of shares to be held by one individual will be determined by the business that is selling shares.

Yes, when the business does well, you will receive dividends. Depending on the amount of shares you buy, your dividend would be very small or higher.

You will receive discounts and/or specials, depending on the amount of shares that you buy. 

With the YourShares crowdfunding platform, even the smallest investor can buy shares and benefit from owning a part of a local business. The buying process is also very easy and convenient. Just by one click, you can become a shareholder and benefit.

No, there are no shareholder duties. But you can attend the AGM of the SPV and make yourself available as the board representative. You will get an invite via email. 

Yes, after 5 years, you can sell your shares in the business. The business also has the right to buy back the shares. 

Businesses on the YourShares crowdfunding platform want to grow their brand and offerings to loyal customers. Currently, businesses require additional cash flow to overcome the Corona crisis.  

YourShares partners with the business to raise equity funding from those loyal customers that want to own a share in the business. YourShares provides the crowdfunding platform to buy the shares. YourShares manages the setting up of the SPV and all legal requirements. 

A business wants to sell a percentage of its business and raise equity funding for operational costs. In consultation with YourShares, the owner/s determine an amount of shares and the share price. Shares are held in a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). Loyal customers buy one or several shares on the YourShares crowdfunding platform. They get issued a shareholder certificate. As a shareholder customers get special treatment and discounts. When the business does well, shareholders get dividends. Once the targeted funds have been raised, the SPV buys the shares in the business. The SPV determines a board representative to the business' board. Thus, the shareholders have a say in business' operations and future.

YourShares focuses on raising equity funding for businesses with strong and loyal customer bases. Ideal examples of such businesses are restaurants, coffee shops and football clubs.

YourShares takes a 5% crowd funding platform fee. This includes the consulting with the business owner on the right investment figures and benefits of the fundraising campaign. This includes legal fees of setting up the SPV. This includes the provision of an end-to-end crowdfunding platform where customers can buy shares and receive share certificates. This does not include the design of the share certificates or VIP shareholder cards. 

No. You do not loose any rights. As a business owner, you determine how many shares you want to make available as percentage of your business. The YourShares team will help you with getting the numbers just right for your business. The SPV will send one board member to your board. You will get the choose from at least two prospect board members.

As a business owner who wants to sell shares and receive equity funding, you need determine the percentage of business that you wish to sell and the amount of shares that you wish to issue at what price. The YourShares teams helps you with getting the numbers right for your business and customer base. 

You determine the discounts and benefits for your fundraising campaign.

The SPV will send a board member to your board. This board member will represent your shareholders in your business. You will have regular board meetings and a yearly AGM.

With YourShares you sell shares in your business to your loyal customer base. You give real value to your customers, as opposed to regular crowdfunding which asks for donations to kick-start a project or inject cash-flow over a difficult period.

The investment is made by your loyal customer base who already know your business well and want to support it going forward. Thus you make sure that you can do more of what you are good at doing. And your customers make sure that they get more products & services from you that they love.

The share price is based on the the percentage share that a business owner wants to sell and an operational amount of cash flow a business owner wishes to raise. The investment is not based on a true valuation of the business, but rather on an operational cash flow requirement to fund the business for stability or growth.

As a business owner, you can buy back the issued block of shares after 5 years.

No. The amount of shares anyone can buy, can be limited to 24% or any other set percentage of the block of shares held in the SPV. If you are issuing 10,000 shares at R 500 each, one investor could buy a maximum of 2,400 shares at the price of R 1,200,000.

The minimum amount of shares that you can sell is 10% of your business. The maximum amount of shares that you can sell is 49% of your business as we expect that you wish to continue running your business for your loyal customer base.