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"We are selling 15% of our shares."

“We are currently at 6% of our normal revenue due to the Coronavirus pandemic”, says David Donde, CEO of Truth Coffee. “We want to raise capital to keep Truth Coffee going and pay our staff. Selling shares to our loyal customers who love our coffee shop seems to be the perfect win-win: Our customers get to own a share in Truth and we get the operational cash flow we need.”

Shares to sell worth: R 5,000,000
Still available: 98%

Why should I buy shares?

By buying shares via YourShares, you become a shareholder in your favourite business, get special benefits and support a local business. Benefits through your investment:

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equity crowdfunding buy shares south africa
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"It's a Win-Win-Situation. Customers can own a share in their favourite local business and be involved in its wellbeing. Businesses raise debt-free capital from their own loyal customers, and thereby survive the impact of COVID-19. We have seen it work with football clubs selling shares to their fans - why would loved brands with a strong customer following not do the same?"

Charles Maisel
Founder of Black Umbrellas, False Bay Hospital Trust and BeBold
YourShares Equity Crowdfunding - The new way of capital raise

How does it work?

equity crowdfunding buy shares south africa

I want to invest.

Investing in a local business has never been easier. Choose the business you want to buy shares from, click on “buy” and pay with Credit Card or PayPal. You will receive an email from us with your shareholder certificate and we will forward your contact details to the business you bought shares from. It’s really that easy to own a share in your favourite business! You can also receive different benefits, depending on the amount of shares you buy. 

I want to raise.

If you want to raise debt free capital by selling shares in your business and you have a loyal customer base, YourShares is the right crowdfunding platform for you. Contact us so we can help you with what % of your business to sell in form of shares and how to tailor your investment campaign. Our lawyers will take care of the compliance and we will list your investment campaign on YourShares. Raising capital with us is risk free: We only take 5% commission on successful sales.

Truth Coffee Roasting is raising R5 Million by selling 15% of their shares.

Invest in world's best coffee shop!

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